bio xx

hi, im jordon n im 17 yrs old and i turn 18 on the 19th of november this yr. i like good music (only stuff that i like)) and wasting my life instead of doing thinhs that are productive liek studying and preparing for my life of working and trying to earn a living until i die. Im rly desperate 4 a relationship so hmu if ur breathing and over the age of 17 cos its a bit pedoey if ur any younger than me tbh. i want 2 be in a band but im shit at playing guitar and keyboards and noone likes me so i can only dream ;_;

i will update every week,,,, na fuck that its already been a year since ive last updated this shit hole and i vant actually be bOTHERED lmAO

spotify playlist of songs im listenin to this month that noone asked for X -->> HERE!

does nobody know how to flush a toilet after avin a SHET


If you are

  • over the age of 50
  • have had a health scare in the last 2 years
  • and/or taking or have taken antibiotics in the last year
  • then you could be entitled to your first born daughters soul


    have some pics of paris hilton just cos i find her hilarious for no apparent reason

    hmu here -> twittr

    5th edition - mon 6th Oct 2017